Massage Therapy

Massage therapy and Chiropractic care go hand in hand. Many Chiropractors recommend massage therapy as a follow up to your chiropractic care treatment. 

If you think about it, your back is made up of two main parts – the backbone and the muscles in your back. Chiropractic care really focuses on taking care of your backbone. Massage therapy focuses on the muscles that support your spine. Massage therapy relieves pain and tension in the muscles and helps put them in the right position to support your backbone. 

Massage therapy has numerous other benefits. It improves the circulation in your body by loosening up the muscles in your back to allow better blood flow. This improved blood flow can help flush toxins from your blood and lymphatic systems. Massage therapy also helps stimulate the lymph nodes in your body, which strengthens your immune system. These benefits work together to improve your sleep, which can reduce your day-to-day fatigue, tension, and anxiety. 

Many patients find massage therapy to be one of their favorite parts of their chiropractic visit. Massages are incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. By focusing on the muscles and the spine, you’re taking a more holistic approach to your body’s health. 

We absolutely offer massage therapy to do everything possible to help our patients get healthy. We have several licensed massage therapists on staff that are trained in several techniques. Call today for your appointment!

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